I have put alot of thought lately into the idea of giving birth without any pain meds. Afterall my body was designed to have a baby so I should be able to do it. Thing is the first time around I was very uneducated and deffiantly shuffelled through the hospitals stream line processes. This time Ive created a birth plan and after much research included some very important things to me like, no unessassary medical interventions, including being induced and epidurals or pain meds.

I heard a few women talking about “pain free” birthing. What!?! Whats this? Is it possible?  So I started looking into it more and found Hypnobabies. I have been studying weather or not its something I wanna do. I joined a yahoo group and a babycenter group and found some stuff on facebook and talked to a few women who used it and love it and others who tried it and it didnt work out for them.

Then on the hypnobabies webpage I found a free down load of their “relax me” cd track. So I gave it a shot. It was half hr long but felt like 5 minutes. I dotn remember all of it, but I feel amazing and confident. My word changed a few times the first word I literally saw in my mind, but then I thought of a “better” one, and hten even one more, but I kept seeing the first word, until my mind gave into it. I also recall some strange things that I didnt think had anything to do with this. There was a stream of things, that I dont remember exactly but I remember seeing my friends tooth that was just removed after it broke in half and was infected through the root (maybe because I was so sick with my DD I have no enamel on my teeth and Im afraid this will happen to me). I also remember not really seeing my dad but Feeling him on my arms almost. I didnt know why this would have entered my thoughts as I was relaxing either. There were other streaming thoughts at the time but those are the only two I remember now and I think the last two. Someone this morning told me it was part of my relaxing that my mind was slowing dealing with these things so that I could move beyond them without anxiety.

The whole hypnobabies process is amazing and I hope that I can get the whole program to do! Its 5 or 6 weeks long much like any other labor prep courses. But they explain that when you are aware your concious mind is in control but it gets its ideas from your subconcious mind. We actually self hypnos many times a day: while driving, watching tv, looking at a computer screen, as we go to sleep etc. We do this many times a day natrually to recouperate. So if your subconcious is really in control then you can “reporgram” your subconcous to not feel labor pains as pains but as presures, streatching, etc.


6 thoughts on “Hypnobabies

  1. I think it was maybe $140ish. I don’t remember. I didn’t write in my book, I plan on using it for all my future babies too. It comes with all the cds you need also.Have you checked eBay?

    • I have checked Ebay a coupel times and have seen it come up. It usually starts the bidding very low and I try to get in on it, but in the last few minutes before it sells someone else gets it lol I just have to commit a day to ebay and watching the bidding closely as it closes.

  2. I did the homestudy. The class was so expensive. I found one in Louisville. & also i was going to be moving back to GA towards the end of the class and I didn’t want to miss out. I just set time to myself everyday. I would listen while in a warm bath or just hanging out on the couch. I ordered my kit from the hypnobabies website http://www.hypnobabies.com

  3. I did hypnobabies! I LOVED IT! i had no pain meds at all. and I can honestly say I had no pain. I did have pressure but It was all manageable. I only had 10minutes of pain, and thats when I was pushing and that was only because she came so fast. I means so fast the nurse delivered her, not the Doctor.lol But I am a believer in hypnobabies 🙂 if you got any questions i would love to answer 🙂
    -Holly Neighbours

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