Letter to my Dad (4/1/11)

Daddy Its only been a day and I miss you so much already! I found myself wondering this morning what you were doing and what it was like in Heaven. Are you looking down on us or are you soly glorifing Jesus as you stand in amazement of how wonderful God truly is? I surely hope its the second. I hope your not watching down on all our pain as we miss you so deeply. And believe me Daddy we do. There are so many people who love you so completly that you affected in such a wonderful way because you were a wonderful man! I hope that Heaven is a place where you finally got to meet God face to face and that He is so beautiful and wonderful that your focus is soly on His greatness! I’m so glad there’s no more pain for you! I also want you to know that you were indeed able to donate something. They said you had beautiful eyes (the cornias) but your eyes as a whole were beautiful 🙂 unfortunaly Mom had to explain to the lady that she may only want one because you poked the other eye out playing swords with sticks when you were younger so that one is a false cornia. Trust me the lady got a kick outta that as she said, “doesn’t that just sound like a boy” lol btw way Dad I want you to know lol means laugh out loud not lots of love but when I use it from now on Ill always think of you and how I never had the heart to tell you but I spose nows a good time 🙂
Lol- lots of love
Your youngest daughter
I love you Daddy!


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