Letter to my Dad (4/14/11)

Hi Daddy,

~    ~Its been two weeks since you left us. I wish we coulda had longer, but I know that from the day you were concieved God had chosen March 31st, 2011 to be the day you would go back home to him.

~    ~We’ve been going through your stuff. The roll top desk we got cleared out and man you had some cool stuff hidden in there. Same with the top drawer of your dresser. You were such an interesting man and we loved having the opportunity to see what all you held most dear to your heart. Of course there were so many random things too, like a hundred computer tower screws and pens, pens, pens galore. Mom laughed because all these years she could never find a pen in the house but we found upwards of 50 in the roll top! lol We loved being able to see things like a picture of your grandparents and your old rings that no longer fit, the baseball we got at a mariners game one time, binocliers: I cant even think of what else right now, but it was all the stuff in life you tresured and it was so awesome to get to look through. We also started tidying up the garage and Chris is wondering where all the ratchets are? 🙂

~    ~We had your memorial last weekend. Just like you wanted it and Dad it was beautiful! First off so SO many people came to celebrate your life! Family, Friends, Lodge Members, Lodge Members from lodges you werent even a member to! So many people had so many wonderful stories to tell. You had such an eventful life. So fun loving and social. Mom, Chris, and I picked out flowers and they were so nice looking, but then many other people brought beautiful flowers too. The service itself was great too. There were a good number of masons there to perform the service and they did a wonderful job. They presented Mom with a wonderful pin; it was so nice and so sweet of them, but of course that part made us all cry.  It was just such a nice service I wish you could have seen it.  

~    ~I miss you so much Daddy and I wish I could have just one more hug. As I was going through your clothes I found a robe of yours that still smelled like you and it was a few moments of just taking in your smell. Sounds odd I know, but thats ok. I got to design your pamflet for the memorial, which was really special because you were the one who taught me how to do that kind of thing. So I just wanted to share the poem I found and put in the back.

~    ~God saw he was getting tired, and a cure was not to be.

So He put His arms around him and whispered, “Come with Me.”

With tearful eyes we watched him suffer, and saw him fade away. 

Although we loved him dearly, we could not make him stay.

A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands to rest,

God broke our hearts to prove to us- He only takes the best.

~    ~I had a dream last night and you were there. You were big and strong and I was small, because I could sit on your lap. Or maybe I was just right next to you. But I asked you what it was like in heaven and if you’d met God and Jesus yet. You smiled and I dont remember seeing your mouth move, but you reasured me that it was great. Not in our sence of the work great, but like the great of great. It was warm and comforting and nothing was better than being there in the presense of the Lord. You were so happy and I cant even think of the words to describe exactly what you were telling me. You couldnt tell me all, but you could reasure me it was all worth waiting for.

Love you Daddy



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