Letter to my Dad (4/4/11)

Hey Daddy,

The last few days have been such a blur. This time last week if someone had told me you’d be gone by next weekend I wouldnt have believed them. You’ve been sick for a long time, but in my head as a super hero, you couldnt go. You’ve been sick for years, but then it got really bad so fast! I am so happy you decided to go to the hospital where for your last few days they were able to keep you comfortable and get you all the pain meds (not that you accepted much anyways), jello and oven warm blankets you wanted. I am so happy that your no longer in any pain or having to deal with the burdens of your earthyly body, but my selfish side misses you so much. I want you here to talk to. Infact I had an, “I cant wait to get home to tell Dad this” moment the other day. Aaron came down and we went to see his brothers new house out in Graham. So as we’re driving there we drove on Meridian and then turned on the road before the big hill and I was like, “Hey my uncle is at the end of this road and the Mirantes are down one of the side raods to the left down here” well then we came to that side road and sure enough it was where to turn. I was getting so excited that they lived on the same road and then we got closer and found they were their neighors neighbors. Just two doors down from Chuck and Tonya! Since I had to go to Chuch and Tonya’s anyways I ran over there to let them know you’d passed away and that your memorial would be this weekend. But then I got back in the car as we were heading home and I was like man I cant wait to get home and tell my Dad about that, what a small world … then I remembered you werent there. It really was funny Dad you would have gotten a kick outta it. Especially since I was just at the Mirantes a couple months ago and didnt ever visit Aaron’s brother because I didnt know where he lived … all the while he was 100 feet away! Anyways Daddy Im going through alot of photos now to find the best ones of you for the program this weekend. There are so many good ones I wish you could help us pick them out. Im really excited that I get to help set up the program because its one of the things you taught me to do when I was younger. By the way Daddy your memorial will be at one of the masonic lodges with a masonic service just like you wanted. One of the men you were in lodge with said that ya’ll had gone to a few masonic memorials before and that you had told him which was your favorite so he’s gonna do it like that. Of course we all have no clue what that means but I hope that makes you happy to know. You are a very special man Daddy and Im glad you will get the memorial you wanted.

I love you Daddy!



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