Letter to my Dad (5/1/11)

Hi Dad,


~~~~Its been a month now since you left us. Last night was really rough for me. I was thikning about all the things I wish I could talk to you about. But my phone has been so silent. I came home a week ago and you should have called my phone 22 times now!


~~~~The first night I would have told you about how crazy my flights were. The first one was alright but we sat in the back of the plane instead of the wing and it was so much bouncier! However it was nice to be right next to the bathroom. Then on our second flight we chose to sit in the very front row to see how that was … needless to say we will be sticking to the wing from now on! So we took off and immediatly there was crazy turbulance! So much so that the lady who was making drinks got scared and rushed over to her seat and buckled in. Leaving the drinks there were a few fell and slid all around. Thankfully the flight was only 38 minutes and before we knew it we were landing again. Bailie was so SOOO excited to see Aaron after being gone for a month. I sure was too. I gotta say though holey cow how is it that I always bring back WAY more than what I take? Poor guy chose to pack it all out instead of getting a cart lol. Then the next  morning I found out that all that crazy turbulance was a storm we were passing through. A tornado hit the MO airport terminal we were in right after we took off. We were so SOOO lucky! There have been alot of storms all week. Some pretty bad ones, but thankfully nothing too bad right here in KY were we’re at. We did however get rained out for our game that day and all week since.


~~~~Then I would have called to wish you a happy easter. I know it was your favorite holiday and the one you found most important. I was happy to be back home and at church, but really wish I could have told you all about it. After church we went to a friends house to have dinner and an easter egg hunt and that was a BLAST! It was Bailie and 5 of her friends hunting for llike 200 eggs around the hosue because it was gross outside! I gotta say its hard to find that many hiding spots in the house but we did it lol ending with us jsut throwing eggs on the floor for the little ones lol.


Monday was our apt and I wish WISH you could have seen the US picture! I know you would have loved that! It looked like a gummy bear, although a man at Mom’s work said it looked more like a hampster lol. They ran some tests and I may have slightly higher thyroid levels so I gotta go back on Wed to find out. They did give me some great medicine later that week though and my morning sickness is completly GONE with it! I LOVE IT! Wish they had given me something like that with Bailie.

~~~~It was so  nice to get back into our routine. It helped alot. Oh ya I would have also told you about the house! I know you called many MANY times in the last couple months when we were supposed to have moved to see how it was and they just kept delaying it. I got home and Aaron had unpacked EVERYTHING! I mean everythign and he did a wonderful job of putting it all away and buying what we needed to fill the empty spots and decorate the walls! We have a garage. A huge laundry room. A special room just for Bailie’s classroom for homeschooling. A nice kitchen. A dining room thats not connected to our living room. It leads out to a privacy fenced back yard which our dogs are LOVING! Then we’ve got a huge living room. We made part of it the living room and part of it the office. Worked out really well! Oh oh oh and we have a shoe closet right next to the front door! And a covered front and back porch so we can enjoy being outside without being in teh weather. Our room is small but nice and has a bathroom off of it. Then theres a main bath in the hall and then 2 kids rooms. It really is the perfect house for us! You’d love it and I wish you could come here to visit us in this house too. ~~~~ So Friday was the big annoucement day. Hannah (the one who made Bailie’s birthday cake) made me some super cute cupcakes to take to a friends house for our Friday morning coffee. She did chocolate cupcakes with a topping like whats on hostess cupcakes … yum! Then she put these half pink, half blue, with a candy positive pregnancy test toppers on top of each cupcake. They were so cute and I had a blast watching each person one by one relize what they meant! ~~~~ This last weekend was a good weekend too! We finally had some sun! Oh and Mom called to tell me she went to her friends for a movie and that when she got home she was exausted and just went to bed but that she got up at like 6 to find a note that Joe had left on the fridge Friday afternoon that said the horses all got out and that they got them all back but the “black one” and that they locked it in Kathy’s driveway to come get it. So she went over there around 9 and asked if maybe they could just use a carrot to get him in the pasture (poor mom is NOT a horse person lol) Joe was like HEY I didnt even think of that! Wish I had before the darn horse kicked me! Onyx kicked poor Joe in the horse stampeed freenzie the day before. I guess he’d been going in and out of the pasture all day and didn tlock the gate and Zuzu went over and pushed hte gate open and let them all out and it was quiet the fiasco! lol

~~~~ Anyways Daddy, I just miss you a ton and wish my phone could ring just once and have it be you. I am currently thankful for all your long and crazy daily rambling voicemails you left me that I can listen to to hear your voice. But they only stay for 90 days or so so I know they wont be there forever, however for now it will just have to do.

Love you Daddy



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