My Dad’s Story

I know it probly seems morbid or strange but I feel the need to post this for a few reasons. Mainly because alot of people keep asking me what happened and its hard to tell the story over and over again. It will be fairly blunt and straight forward so if you cant handle details please dont read any further. This is a fairly short version and I will do my best to write the details as best as I can recall:


~~~~~He’s been sick for years, hes had bowel issues for about 15 years, then about 7 or 8 years ago he had colon cancer. They took out his colon and he beat that, but all the meds he’s been on for years was taking a toll on his liver. Last year they denied him for a liver transplant because for his age it was bad enough against the risk of the surgery, but then he came to visit me in KY this year and had to go into the ER because he couldnt pee, and they found he was really jandace. So the lady sent him back to his drs in WA and they retested his liver and found it to be at 25% and decided to re-evaluate him for a liver transplant and after months and many MANY tests at UW he was all but aproved. He started getting confused about some things and he started getting really weak. He went from one week walking fine, the next he needed a cane, the next a walker, and then a wheel chair all so fast. Then about 3 weeks ago he passed out. My mom called 911 but he refused to go to the hospital. Then a few days later he was so weak that he couldnt even get himself to the bathroom. Finally my mom told him he needed to go to the ER. She went to the back room to get her stuff and when she came out he had already called 911. It didnt take long for them to get him admitted into the ICU. I flew out later that afternoon. When I got there he was in great spirits. They said that at that point his levels were off and that they might get them leveled off and he’d be out and home in a few days or not. His kidneys had started to fail. The next day the nurse felt the need to emphasize the seriousness of his condition because he kept joking and whatnot with them. He kept telling us about the things we needed to do when he got home, like putting in hand rails, and keeping in his picline for fluids, and all kinds of stuff. Most thought that he kept saying that because he thought he was going home, but I think it was just to bring us comfort. I called the Pastor to come in each day he was there and the first time they came in with me there we had a very long talk and prayer iwth the Pastor. My Dad shared that he did indeed know how serious it was. He said that he would never commit suicide because he knew The Lord would call him right when he was supposed to. He knew that Jesus had died on the cross for him and that God had a wonderful Heaven waiting for him and that he was ready and excited for that day to come. He was ready to leave his Earthly body which caused him so much pain and troubles behind. The day before he passed away he had 27 visitors (way WAY over our limit) and he loved every minute of it. He was so social and so many people loved him! He wanted to be able to go when God called him so he didnt want to be resestitated or “kept alive” (he didnt even want pain meds: he only had 2 dosages that were both only 1/3 the regular dose) but that last night they did give him some blood presure meds which got him through the night. The next morning he had some more nice visitors. Then in the afternoon it was just my brother Chris, his wife Christine, my mom and I. We spent the whole afternoon with him. He said his face was getting itchy so I shaved it. (not very well I might add lol but it was my first shave on someone else.) But he didnt care how it looked, he was just happy it didnt itch any more. (And no I didnt knick him at all!) I was happy to have that moment with him. I even took a picture and he was able to muster a smile for me. (But I wont be posting that picture, thats just for me). We spent the next few hours there with him as he faded away. We even snuck him in a Mocha to sip on 🙂 He certianly enjoyed that! Watching my Dad leave this world was the hardest thing Ive ever had to do. It was bittersweet in that I didnt want him to go, I wasnt ready, but I knew because he knew Jesus that he WAS going to Heaven and it was what he wanted. But it was so much more difficult than anyone could ever discribe or imagine. The second hardest was having to get up and leave and leave him there … although it wasnt him anymore. It still didnt seem right. I love him and miss him so much but I am so happy that he isnt sick anymore.

~~~~~If you have made it through this story, thank you.


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