This summer has been so hot, so naturally we’ve spent alot of time in the water! Now as an infant Bailie could swim, however for some reason or another we hadn’t been swiming in nearly 2 years, so at the begining of this summer we discovered that she didnt remember how. Thankfully we’ve been going so much and practicing all we can and she can now doggy paddle above water (although not very well), she can swim wonderfully on her back and underwater. So now that we’ve got her able to “stay alive” lol we’re gonna sign her up for swimming lessons where they can teach her all the strokes and how to become a stronger swimmer above water!

For me swimming this summer has been great! My darling Baby Girl is sitting very low in my pelvis and getting in the water she lifts up a little higher and it feels great! (until I get out of course lol and she has to settle back into her low low spot). But yes so I love swimming as well. Ive found that while Im in the water she tends to wake up and flip all around and is suprisingly very active! Hopefully if we get right into the water after she’s born, like we did with Bailie, she’ll love the water and swimming too!


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