Day 1 … and 2 (but still day 1) of Classes at the School for Bailie

So yesturday was the first day of our new school year and the first day Bailie was supposed to go to the school here to do her class. Yesturday was supposed to be art and she was so excited! I asked many times over the summer and even last week if there was anything else that I needed to do, and they kept saying no just come on the first day of school a little before her class and we’ll introduce her and give her a little tour and she’ll be good. Well we got there and they then informed us that they did need her registered. So they gave us a whole packet of stuff to fill out and get and do. So we had to go and do that yesturday and poor Bailie was nearly in tears when we left. Then we had to go to housing to get a copy of our lease, then to the hospital to get her shot record (where we learned that on post they require and extra shot off post doesnt so she had to get a Hep A shot and she was histarical and it broke my heart…no more for 5 years though), then we had to get daddy to get a copy of his orders and sign all the papers (because with military the spouce is nothign and the military member has to fill out everythign!), then I had to actually fill out all the papers and get copies of her birth certificate and such. Thankfully we got done before school was out so we went back and turned it in and they took her to the class she’ll be paired with and introduced her to her classmates and explained that shes homeschooled and what that means and that she’d be joining them everyday for their specials classes for an hr (art, music, pe, and spanish) and she got to meet her teacher, so it ended well.

Day 2 was actually her day 1 at the school and tha twas this morning. She had music. I went in with her and dropped her off in the classroom where they would then get in line and head over to music. I was so nervous the whole hour but I guess she did great nd she told me all about it when I picked her up and she deffiantly had a great time!


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