Crazy Day! (Baby Scare, 1st day PE, and Aaron’s out)

So the last 24 hrs has been INSANE! Around 10pm last night I started bleeding so I called L&D and they told me warning signs to look for but otherwise to come in in the morning to L&D so of course I didnt hardly sleep all night as the bleeding continued until around 4am ish. Niether Aaron or I slept well all night and then he had to get up at 4:30 to leave to another base for some schooling for nearly a month (this time then he’ll turn around and go back but he’ll be home for a few days). Anyways so he got up to leave and the bleedind had thankfully stopped but they still told me to go in as soon as they opened so I was gonna stay up at that point and Aaron promised he’d wake Bailie before he left too to say good bye. So Bailie and I watched cartoons for the next couple hrs waiting for the time to leave at 7. I am so happy and thankful for my friend Heidi who was able to watch Miss Bailie and was willing to take her to her class if she needed (even though she was busy enough on her own getting ready to leave, what an awesome friend). So I dropped Bailie off and to the hospital I went. Everything they said was fine though since there was no cramping or contractions, Id felt her moving all morning, and her heart rate wasnt off or anything. They said that sometimes its just normal. Soooooo happy about that. So then I got back and took Bailie to school. Today was her first day of PE and she was so excited! When she was all done with her class I got to meet her PE teach who was really nice and Bailie told me all the things she did and all her friends she saw! Then we went to my other friends house to hang out for a bit and needless to say 1ish hit this afternoon and I hit the wall! I was so tired and so was Bailie so we went back and slept till 5pm! YIKES I woke up and Tristian invited us back over for dinner. Our other friend Sarah made an amazing lasagna and it was deffiantly delicious! After wards we were supposed to go swimming but this insane day had me still pretty tired so we jsut went to the bank and then to get some dog food. Which by the way was 40 or 44 lbs something like that and im not supposed to lift over 15lbs…. ya hows that supposed to work? Thankfully my other friend Nicole came down and brought it in for me. I feel like such a friend help mooch today 😦  Now Bailie and I are just gonna watch movies and eat icecream and be late night bums and hope for a better less crazy day with better sleep day tomorrow.


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