Fall 2011 Soccer Season starts NOW

We had our parent/coach meeting tonight. 385 players within the Fort Knox leagues! Our particular level is U6 (4&5 year old) and there are 26 teams! YIKES and we’re down 10 coaches so even more YIKES. Hopefully we’ll get at least a few more but if we have any teams without coaches in the next two weeks then we’ll have those teams dissolved into the rest of them. That being said my team The Mustangs, currently has 5 kids, but Im sure we’ll end up with 8 in the next couple weeks. We had 3 return players and 2 brand new ones! I was thankfully able to talk to all but one parent tonight and get shirt sizes and numbers. Im also really excited that my assistant coach from last season will be returning to coach with me. She did a great job last season and Im sure will again this season. We work really well together and I know they’ll be in good hands if I should have my baby girl earlier than expected. We have a coaching clinic again this Saturday and our first practice will be not this Thursday but the next one! I cant wait to get out on the field :-))


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