Farmer’s Market Fun!

So Tuesday this week Bailie and I finally made it out to the Farmers Market in Vine Grove. There were only 3 stands there but they were all filled with amazing fruits and veggies. It was such a great experience for Miss Bailie to do the math giving the stand owners their money, budgeting to only buy what she had the money for, learning about the different seasonal fruits and veggies that grow, and learning the importance of supporting local people. We were able to get a jar of honey (to help with local seasonal allergies), honey sticks, apples, corn, and a cantaloupe for just $9. Then today we went back to take friends with us and get some fruit for our trip this weekend. There were 4 stands (2 from Tuesday and 2 new). We got 1.5lb of Zucchini, 1.5lb of Ham, 8oz Jar of Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, A sack of Apples, Half a loaf of Rum Cake, and 10 Honey Sticks for a total of $14! Another successful trip! The meat guy was one of the new ones. I guess he’s only there on Fridays and he sells 2 lbs of bacon that Ill defiantly be getting next week! Anyways total hit, we loved it, awesome learning experience, and it was FUN!


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