Realization about Life

The Lord has stitched this life together inside of me; just as he has 3 times before. He already knows the day that she will be born and the day that she will die. Depending on how long she is on this Earth He knows already the kind of person she will be, the personality she will have, the ways in which she will love and be loved. If and when she herself will be a mother and the kind of parent she will be. He knows the sins that she will make, He knows what all her short comings and backslidings will be. He loves her so much already just as He loves the rest of us. So who am I to worry? Who am I to worry about what will be? My job in this life is to show my children that we can always trust in the Lord. Trust that if its our time to die we can not be saved and that if its not our time to die we can not be killed. To trust that he will always take care of us. To know that whatever the Devil tried to use for bad that God can and will use for good. It is my job to teach my children how to worship and love the Lord for His plans are already set. I do not know what will be and I do not need to because He does and He loves us. He made us and He will always take care of us. 

Im sorry if this rambled and is unclear, its a moment and realization, that came to me while reading another blog. I was scrollign through different Blogs and I came across this one spacificly where she wrote, “You know delayed obedience is still disobedience.” and it stuck out to me like a sore thumb. It was like God was condeming me, it was highlighted, huge, bold letters screaming do you see it? Do you understand? Then she wrote, “His plan will get accomplished with or without me. Obedience allows me to be a part of the glorious work he is doing!” It hit me even more. His plan WILL be done with or without me. But I too want it to be done with me. I want to be an enabling part in his daily plans and I want to show that to my children so that they too may choose to do the same.


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