Trip to Fort Campbell

Saturday afternoon Bailie and I left at 4pm to go to Campbell to visit with Aaron on his day off (Sunday). Knowing he got off at 6 and that its about a 3 hr drive we figured itd be perfect timing so he could shower and be ready to go. Unfortunately its only a 2 hr drive and a 1 hr time difference so we got there right at 5pm their time, so when we finally did find the base, and the entrance (There are TEN gates there) we decided to go check out the PX. Id heard its the biggest PX in US and that its amazing yada yada. So I park and go to walk in only to be turned away because of an ID check. My ID was in the car so I had to go back out to my car to get my ID just to get into the PX. Which I realize its not like its a far walk or anything, it was just ridiculous they made me turn around and go get my ID just to get into a store that’s the same as say a Walmart. Not exactly somewhere that, in my opinion, needs a high level of security. Anyways so I go get my ID and we go back in. When I get in there i realized that it is indeed much larger than the one we have at Fort Knox. ITs got the clothing sections like ours, but its also got a huge furniture section, outdoor stuff, shoes, office supplies, electronics, etc. So Bailie and I explored the girls section and then the baby section (Where I found my diaper bag and I was so excited it came WITH a thermal bag for a bottle and a wetbag!). Then we explored the furniture and some other areas before we finally left. We went outside and in their parking lot they have a play ground so we went to play. We figured well Daddy should be off any minute and we dont know where we’re going so we’ll play till hes done. This was around 6. Unfortunately he didnt get off till 7:30 (2.5 hrs after we arrived) so Bailie got to play and play and play! The playground was really nice and there was plenty for her to do, in fact she wasnt ready to leave when the time came lol.

So we went and got Aaron and headed out to Clarksville? (There are three cities around the base: Oak Grove, KY; Hopkinsville, KY; and Clarksville, TN) Anyways so we got to whatever city we were in, lol, and got our hotel. Our hotel was something else to say the least lol. It had brand new ceilings, flooring in the bathroom, and a nice brand new marble countertop and sink …. BUT the walls were still wall-papered in 1960’s awesomeness! Oh and we were excited it had a king size bed, fridge, and microwave … however the recliner was bungee corded together :/ Ya Bailie undid the bungee cord and the arms fell off … more awesomeness. It was like they started to upgrade to expensive brand new stuff and ran outta money. Anyways, after we got our hotel we went out to dinner. THey had an Olive Garden which was SUPER exciting! I love LOVE the Olive Garden!

Then we got up Sunday morning and went to an Einstein Bagels (havent had them in FOREVER) and got breakfast. It was quite delicious! Afterward we went to look around their local Babies R US which was oddly half Babies R Us and half Toys R Us. So it was like a smaller version of each. Needless to say we had a blast in there! It happened to be right next door to Chuckie Cheese so that’s where we headed for lunch. Bailie had a blast … shoot we ALL had a blast! We dispersed the coins 2 for Mommy, 2 for Daddy, 1 for Bailie. Then went around from game to game taking turns. In the end we had nearly 650 tickets to get prizes with. Bailie picked out a slinky, each of us got a nurf single shooter thing, and some candy. We then went out to the parking lot and had a nurf war … ya because we’re pretty awesome! lol

After that we went to the Movie theaters and decided to watch the Smurfs. Got our tickets and then walked around the stores for a bit. Borders Books was going out of business and had everything was 30-50% off!!! They were selling everything down to cash registers, lockers, and bookshelves. It was seriously an INSANE mad house in there! I was so happy though we found, randomly on a shelf, Series 2 of the BOB books (Apparently they go: Set 1: Beginning Readers, Set 2: Advancing Beginners – what Bailie is at, Set 3: Word Families, Set 4: Complex Words, and Set 5: Long Vowels). I opened it up and it was the set that Bailie was reading at! I wanted to get all the sets, but it was literally the last one in the store, so I was thankful it was the one she’d currently be on. When we left the book store we had about an hr before our movie so we figured we walk around. Bailie however just wanted to sit and read to Daddy lol so we sat to read in the middle of the mall 🙂 So proud of her!

Smurfs was a SUPER cute movie! We watched it in 3D and it was awesome! Bailie got so excited she was yelling out to the characters at a few spots in the movie lol. Also watching the previews I discovered that there are a lot of good movies come out soon: Puss and Boots, The re-done Lion King, Dolphin Tale, and Aurther Christmas 🙂

After the movie we went the park to kill some time before we had to drop Aaron off again. We played School House, Nurf Guns, and Lava Monster lol So many childhood memories there! It was such a great weekend and we were sad we had to leave back home without Daddy, but so SO glad and thankful that we got to go spend a day and a half with him and that he’d planned so many fun things to do!


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