First Time Girl Scouts!

Tonight I officially signed Bailie up for Girl Scouts! This will be her first year doing it and she’s SUPER excited! She really wanted to do it last year but we were never able to get in touch with a leader or anyone to get her signed up. She doesnt know much about it other than the cookies part, but shes stoked for that. I cant wait to see what all they have to offer and the experiences she will gain! Oh and they have year round cheerleading! They practice every Saturday night at 6:30 a block away from our house! We’ll go this saturday but may not do it very heavily till after our soccer season is over, and the leader for that tonight said that was fine. She said its just for fun for them to cheer for the older kids sports (At at 8 they can start soccer, basketball, etc) and that she could join them anytime. It doesnt cost any extra to do so it will be good to see if its something she would enjoy! They also listed some of the wonderful things they take the girls to do to earn badges and such tonight and it all sounds like so much fun! Not sure when our first meeting will be and who our leader and troop will be but as soon as we know Ill update 🙂


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