Imperfection is still Perfection

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.” Alice Walker

So today I came across this quote and it just spoke volumes to me. In so SO many ways. Thinking of all the things in life that I am; a wife, a mother, a coach, a teacher, a family member, a pet owner, a friend, and a child of God. In all of these things there are moments I wish I could do better, moments I strive to do as good as another, moments I feel like a failuer, moments I just want to be perfect.

As a wife I want to be the woman who has the perfect house, who has meals ready for her husband when he gets home, who is perfectly organized, who makes sure that she puts on a dress, make up, and does her hair everyday to look perfect for my husband when he gets home and for our guests when they come over. (I wanna be Lucy, Mrs Cleaver, or shoot Kitty from that 70’s show!) But Im not.

As a mom I want to be the best romodel ever! I want to have that perfect house for my kids, I want to be able to have those children without any problems or trying, I want to have the perfect pregnancy where nothing goes wrong and I never complain, I want to have children who are perfectly well behaved, I wanna never lose my temper, and always know exactly what to do, I want to be able to allow my children to do whatever sports and events they could possibly want, and I want to be able to volunteer for all of them! (I wanna be Mrs Bradey or The mom from Bewitched) But Im not.

I wanna be that friend that anyone and everyone can count on. One who never fails or falls through. The one you can cry on, I wanna be able to lend you money when ever you need, I wanna be able to give you a ride wherever you need to go, I wanna be able to spend plenty of time with each friend and never let anyone feel left behind or neglected. I wanna never say the wrong thing, accidentally put someone down, I wanna never need anything from anyone else, but always be able to provide for them. But Im not always that either.

Most importantly I wanna be that perfect child of God. I want to always be able to rely on the Lord and never let my own thoughts and ideas get ahead of me. I wanna remember to always trust God, to be that person who others always see God in. One who never fears and never sins, never thinks a bad thought, or condemns outta place, who never judges. (I wanna be like Jesus) But often Im not.

All those things I want to be but often am not can be so overwhelming. It can really make me feel like a failure in life. But then God reminds me here and there that He has made me and that nothing He’s made is done wrong. That like the quite above everything in the world that is imperfect is still perfect. I am exactly who God has made me to be. I am who I am supposed to be right now. That He will mold me and prepare to make me the person he wants me to be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, 5 years from now, 10 years from now, all the way until I reach Heaven.


7 thoughts on “Imperfection is still Perfection

  1. Love the quote and love the thoughts. One of the conversations my clients and I often have is what we can do as we strive through our imperfection. Rather than focus on attaining perfection and all the angst that brings because we are imperfect, when we look at how all things become possible in imperfection, we can open ourselves to gratitude and opportunities we’ve never imagined. Through Him all things are possible!

  2. Great post! I love how authentic you are in your writing. How did you get that Facebook sharing/comment button on your comments section? I would love to add that widget to my site. Do you know what it’s called?

    • Thank you Jacqui!

      Do you mean the one thats at the top of the page? I it was just part of the theme options, however you can also go to the widgets section and get a Facebook Like one.

  3. Came across this on a friends face book page. I feel the pressure of trying to be a “perfect” wife and mom all the time and glad I’m not alone, and like the last paragraph you wrote. We all need to be reminded this sometimes.

    • You are deffinatly not alone! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and double thanks for commenting and reminding me that I too am not alone with the all too often overwhelming pressure to be that “perfect” person.

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