Ready . . . Set . . . READING

Bailie read her first whole book by herself a couple days ago (Sunday August 14th, 2011)! We’ve spent years reading books and books and books a day to her. She just LOVES to be read to! Needless to say I then presumed that she would instandly be a great reader as soon as she started school. However like most my expectations for her were unrealistic. My job as her teacher was to teach her how to read. Starting with the sounds each letter made and the name of each letter. Then moving on to single vowel words and now we’re onto two vowel words (which the rules we take for granted like “when theres two vowels the first one says its name and the second one is silent” is very difficult to learn). Anyways for about 6 months now she’s been able to sound out each word in that she could see the word “CAT” and know that it made the c sound and the aaaa sound and the t sound but she couldnt hear the word as a whole. Then the other day outta no where it just clicked! Suddenly she could hear what the word was supposed to be after she sounded it out. We’re still only on one and sometimes two vowel words and I am so thankful that there are whole books out there that she can read set up for this reading learning stage! Infact a friend today told me about how when she was little they had a “Go Bananas for Books” board in her class wehre they would get to put a banana on teh board for every book they read and it sounded like it would really encourage the love of reading and books so we may just give it a shot!


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