First Night of Awana!

Bailie was so excited tonight! It was the first night of AWANA for the year. She’s halfway through her Sparkies Book 1. Hopefully with less craziness this year we’ll be able to get halfway through Book 2 too… She went in all ready to recite John 17:17 but I guess they didn’t do verses tonight, but that’s ok she’ll just have extra time to practice for next week. Speaking of which next week is sports week so she’ll be going dressed appropriately in something Seahawks Im sure 🙂 She was so happy tonight that there were plenty of friends there (14 total in Sparkies tonight), and that they got to play this “Super Awesome” game 4 corners … she tried to explain it to me but all I got was something about kids stand in line at the corner and walk with a bean bag on their head around a pin and back to the next kid? Anyways she had a blast whatever it was!


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