Book Balloons

Bailie this last week, just all of a sudden, caught on to reading. So as an extra motivation for her to read, one of my friends had mentioned they did a “Bananas for Books” board when she was little and that it worked wonderfully; so as a spin off from that we decided to do a “Book Balloons” spot. Every book she reads gets her a balloon with its name and the date on it. In the month of August when she reads 5 books she gets to do some painting (Im not a fan off painting mess in the house so this is very exciting to her and she’ll actually have her 5th book tonight … so ya we’re painting tonight lol) then when/if she reads 10 books she’ll get to go to the book store and BUY a new book of her choice. When/if she reads 20 books she’ll get to go camping in the yard. And lastly if she can read 40 books she can choose a “fun day” where she’ll get to chose where we go, what we do, and what we eat for a day! It will reset each month and Im sure Ill reset the 5 and 10 book specials but probably keep the 20 and 40 the same. Either way she’s super excited to have a goal to reach with a reward and Im excited she’ll get extra reading practice and that SHE’S choosing to do it!


The picture is of Miss Bailie painting as her first Book Balloon Goal!


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