First Soccer Practice of the Season

So today was day one of our Fall soccer season! Every kid showed up (which is always good lol). Of 6 players half are brand new this year so we spent the first few minutes getting to know each player.

Our goal was to focus on dribbling today so we started out stretching with our balls. and then when we were done stretching we warmed up with a Numbers game. We all walked around with our balls within a circle of cones and they had to do whichever number was called out. #1 was walk with the ball keeping it close to you, #2 was stopping the ball, and #3 was jogging with the ball close to you.  

Then in the same circle Game three we played coach keep away where the kids had to work on dribbling but keeping the ball close so that the coaches couldnt kick it away from them. 

Afterward we played a game where the coaches stand in the middle of the circle and toss each kids ball out onto the field somewhere for them to run to, dribble back, and then hand to us for us to throw it out again.

Our next Game was one called vacation where we set up 2 cones in the center to be our “home” and then 4 outside cones where the kids got to tell what they were. We ended up with Texas, Jellystone Park, Tennessee, and Disney World lol. After each vacation spot was determined we got to yell out a vacation to go on. That was a lot of fun!

After that we played a shooting game where 3 kids each went with one coach to one side of the field and the other 3 went with the other coach to the opposite side. (We were on a half field) then out in front of the one goal we had a set of cones. So the kids had to run from one corner to the next then out to the cones and shoot from there into the goal, get their ball and run and tag the next kid to go. It was meant to be a race, but I think both side went 2 or 3 turns before we stopped and it worked great!

After each of the short games we played a scrimmage against each other.  We let each kid get a chance to do the starting kick and they’d play until someone scored or a minute had passed and then we’d restart for the next kid to get to start. After each kid got a chance to do the starting kick we left them on the same little teams with the same goals and brought in a second ball, so we had a white and a purple. They’d play with the white ball for about 20 seconds and then we’d throw in the purple ball and have them run to that and play for about 20 seconds and then switch back to the white, so on and so fourth. All in all todays first practice went GREAT! It was a definite 45 minutes of fun! Our next is saturday so we’ll play games to focus more on shooting 🙂 

BTW anyone reading have any good ideas for dribbling, shooting, passing/receiving, or attacking/defending small-sided games for U6 please post below!


One thought on “First Soccer Practice of the Season

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