Glucose Test

Today was my oh so awesome glucose test. The plan was to wake up at 6am, take a shower, then get up Bailie and be on our way … ya I hit snooze a good few times so I threw my hair in a ponytail lol. Bailie didnt wanna wake up either. I went to wake her and she says to me, “I belive its still night night … can you wake me in the next few moments?” and rolls over 🙂 She’s such a hoot but she got up and went like a trooper. Kiki in tow of course! Anyways we got there at 7:05 I was supposed to drink the amazing orange drink within 5 minutes sitting right there at the front counter. It was disgusting but tolerable. I hear some folks dont even get it cold so I was thankful mine was cold. It was prefered that I didnt eat 8-12 hrs before so I didnt and I wasnt allowed to take any meds after I got there so I felt really sick about half hr into my wait. I was thinking oh man Im gonna throw this up and have to drink it again! But I didnt so that was good. While we were there Bailie did her school work for the day then when she was done she picked up her Kiki and just rested. I got a few chapters in my book read too. Finally 8:15 rolled around and they called me back for the blood draw. I had to tell them I needed the big chair because I dont do well with blood draws. So I sit down and the guy, who was very nice, started and I could feel myself getting light headed and he kept just saying, “Breath in Breath out” but then I guess the vein popped or the needle or something I missed what he was talking about but something happened and he had to take it out. He asked me if I was on any aspirin and I was like no. I take Zofran for sickness but theres no aspirin in there why? Hes like your blood is just flowing like crazy. So he switched arms and this time I got really hot and he had to remind me to breathe but I ended up being ok. He says man your blood its just flowing so fast I can’t stay on top of it. So we had to go through a couple pressure gauze things. (It occurred to me later that although he knew I was getting a glucose test I dont think he realized I was pregnant, so of course I have a higher blood volume and its gonna run well.) Anyways from the moment we got in to the blood draw area Bailie was talking and asking questions left and right and although it drove me crazy and I had to keep asking her to wait and ask after, Im pretty sure she’s what kept me conscious because I was more focused on her then the needles. So maybe next time Ill take her again lol


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