Lessons NOT Learned in Stealing and Speaking up

Bailie and I went to Wal-Mart this morning to get a few things and on our way out there was a lady with her two children (a boy about 9-11 and a girl about 6-7) and shes scanning over her seat and said something and then I hear the boy say, “Oh wow then you stole it.” and then he proceeded to say a little louder, “My mom stole …. (I didnt hear what it was)” and mid-way she says, “Hey shhhhhh stop” and then he laughs a little and says it again but louder and I hear her yell at him, “I SAID STOP IT” as they were walking towards they’re car.

I instantly in my head though wow way to go Mom you not only just knowingly stole something that the cashier managed not to ring up, but you missed out on a good opportunity to show your children how to do whats right. Instead you’ve taught them that even if it was an accident if you’ve made it out the doors then its yours.

I get in my car still fuming about this woman and what Id just seen and then it clicked. I too just missed a great opportunity to teach MY child whats right, by essentially ignoring what was going on and NOT speaking up. I could have shown her that although it can be hard to speak up sometimes and its always easier not to, the right thing to do would have been to speak up and not just “let” that happen. At this point it was too late the lady was gone, and both her children and mine had missed out on what could have been VERY important life lessons on morals, doing whats right, how to properly handle situations, etc. As parents who coulda done better we both failed. (The picture above really has nothing to do with the situation other than to show it was a Homer moment)


2 thoughts on “Lessons NOT Learned in Stealing and Speaking up

  1. The important thing is that you now recognize it. You’ll be better prepared to confront a similar situation in the future if it arises. Great acknowledgement mom! 🙂

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