Homeschooling: Life Lessons

Currently Im in search of ideas to add to a new section of schooling we’re gonna implement this year. Please comment on the blog itself if you have any thoughts. What Id like to add is an “Important Life Lessons” section that can be “done” outside of the classroom.

So far I know that we will daily do a 15 Team Work chore time, where we’ll pick one chore a day to work on. My goal here is to teach Miss Bailie that although there are sometimes chores we dont want to do, if we work together they get done faster and are more enjoyable.

Id also like to add sections weekly. Currently my weekly ideas only go as far as a “Taking Care of God’s Earth” where the whole week each day we’ll go somewhere and clean something up: trash on a street, writing on the park, etc. Another week we can focus on “Helping Others” where maybe we’ll go help a neighbor, or a friend, each day that week work on a project. A Third week we can focus on “Those Less Fortunate Than Us” where each day we can do something different like maybe going to a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, maybe just helping out with the Helping Hands or Esther’s Closet, etc.

So Ive got 3 weeks worth of “DO” Life Lesson ideas but I need probably 20 + more week ideas. Any thoughts?


13 thoughts on “Homeschooling: Life Lessons

  1. You have got me thinking now.. Would another life lesson be Taking Care of God’s Temple…. my body. Nutrition, exercise, fresh air, water, hygiene? Understanding that we cover some of this in science and such. But isn’t it also something we often have to remind ourselves. In order to treat others as we should and be our best we have to take care of ourselves. Obesity is rampant in our country as well as a less active life style. I don’t know about things outside of the house to do with this. But you can certainly take it to the grocery store with label reading, menu planning, Don’t know… just kinda thinking out loud.. via keyboard.

    • Oh yes yes it deffinatly would! We do cover basic health but viewing from the standpoint that our bodies are indeed God’s temple and thats WHY we should be taking extra care of it, is a wonderful idea! Thank you!

  2. I’m loving these ideas. Some we incorporate in already as a family but I like the idea about doing more focused. I’m not sure of a title but another one you can do is looking after the animals around you. This could include gathering old towels or other items your local animal shelter needs, volunteering at the shelter to help walk animals or some other need they have. It could also be making peanut butter bird feeders out of pine cones in winter. It could even focus on pets you have at home and how we treat and care for them. Looking at ways we can help take care of God’s creatures. I think this could also tie into how you are talking about supporting local community as you can have a better idea of how the farm animals are being treated. It can also tie into taking care of God’s green earth as trash left can harm animals, pollute their water supply and such.

    • Wonderful ideas Deborah! Bailie just started the girl scouts this year and Im really hoping that they will consider getting us set up to go to the shelter and findout what items they need and such for the girls to bring like the towels, food, and other supplies,etc.

  3. Such great ideas here! I wish I had blogs back when my kids were being homeschooled. This is great! I love homeschooling! Some more ideas that I thought about that I wish I had spent more time on: reading a map (you can’t always depend on mapquest or GPS systems!), learning about a different culture (God’s creation is HUGE and has many different aspects), learning a different language. Even if you don’t speak another language, I think you could still learn together. Kids could map out how to get to Grandpa and Grandma’s or to the beach or something and then follow the map as you drive. I used to read the map as we drove on vacations and learned a lot from doing that. My kids don’t have that because I didn’t emphasize it. They did study languages but I wish I had done more with it when they were children. I also like the ideas about money and living within your means – very important in these days of credit cards. Also simple etiquette with cell phones. Because you’re raising your children to think of others, I’m sure they will grow up positive, respectful, thoughtful human beings. Yayy!

    • Oh yes our social studies has us reading maps weekly and this next week or two we’re gonna get to delve into a globe! Learning how to read a map, understand streets, and find addresses is very important! Not something I learned in school (outside of the maps) but something that my dad taught me and I will deffinatly have to incoporate with Miss Bailie!

  4. Oh and last week we spent the week focusing on “The Importance of Supporting Locally” by going to the farmers market and doing so we were able to cover math and budgeting since i let her do the money and she only had a certian ammount each time to spend. We also were able to cover what grows this time of year. Im sure this will be done another week too, but being more prepared for it next time maybe we’ll visit a bakery and some other local places as well!

  5. Yayyy, I’m so excited for you! I love your suggestions and the other suggestions that have been shared too!

    My plans for incorporating life lessons into our schooling is to choose one main lesson a week to highlight and practice it all week. Last week was our first week practicing homeschooling and I found that there were actually more than one highlighted that week. So that tells me that, we will probably be discussing more than one a week however I’d like to keep the main focus on one. If another one comes up and I see that it needs extra attention and focused time, we’ll add it as a focus another week. I’m open to let it all unfold though. If the opportunity arises to add in a life lesson that is unscheduled, I’m adding it.

    I totally agree with the lady talking about money management. We’ve always incorporated this into our lives, but now that we homeschool, we can give extra attention to this area.

    Last week our main life lesson highlighted was how to use a calendar to organize your day and manage your time. Then in our chore time we focused on team work. This week I will start a new life lesson topic for the week, however those that were learned last week will be reiterated this week. We will always do chores and follow the calendar to keep us on track so even though our focus isn’t directly on organization, time management, and teamwork this week, those life skills will be practiced again this week and will be mentioned again.

    Here’s a few topics I have chosen for our life lessons. My son is 12.
    Taking the initiative
    Giving back
    Serving others
    Valuing the difference of opinions
    Overcoming life obstacles
    Money management-Next year, I’m getting Dave Ramsey’s teen program to use as a part of our curriculum.
    Eliminating stress
    Overcoming fear
    Living your passions

    I’m excited to be a part of your journey and to watch it all unfold beautifully!!
    Judy Garey

    • Oh Judy what wonderful ideas you have! Although Bailie is half his age many of those can be great ideas for younger children too! Some like you said may have to be put together to cover in a whole week like “Words, Thoughts, and Actions” and I love the “Time Management One” and “Respect” will be a very important one!
      Thank you for sharing some great ideas with me!

  6. I think the life lesson I messed up the most was, how to manage money and how to save money. I had no concept from my early years on to save or mange what I had to get the things I wanted. I really wish my parents had taught me those things, but back in those days we did not discuss money. Now I do every chance I get.I wish I had learned about bugeting, which I still to this day have a problem with as far as sticking with it and following thru, so my suggestion and challenge to you is to teach Bailie how to save money and how to make it thru life with out living payday to payday. To have a little in the bank to keep you going just incase. Its not about teaching the value of a dollar either cause we all know how far that and a bag of skittles will get you. I am not talking about rocket science savings either just simple savings. I hope I am explaining this right i just don’t want another me running around out there. I am 47or 48 years old I don’t do math very well and until this year I never had money in a savingas account that was mine just mine. I have one today it has 4.98 in it, and thats an accomplishment for me not spending my checking account down to the last .32 every two weeks see where I am going here? Teaching to live with in your means with out having to struggle to make it. thats my life lesson request…

    • Oh Colleen a “Money” focus would be great! We had a friend who used 3 Jars per child to teach her children about money and I loved it but then never went home to do it. She had 3 identical jars each labelled: Save, Donate/Tithe, Spend. Then with their weekly or monthly allowance that they EARNED they had to put a certian percentage in each jar, thus teaching them about money, math, and work all in one.

      And yes I understood your post completely. Learning the importance of living within your means and being able to save as opposed to what so many of us do living pay check to pay check spending every cent we make, leaving us sometimes in serious financial danger when an emergency comes up and not having anythign set aside for vacations or extra special stuff.

  7. Great ideas! You didn’t say how old Miss Bailie is, but I think that these sections could take longer than just a week. Taking care of God’s earth is huge. It could include planting a tree (perhaps writing to the Arbor Day foundation), investigating sustainable ways of gardening (and planting one), finding out about recycling or how to become less wasteful, finding Scriptures about what God thinks about all of that. Helping others is also huge. My daughters went to a senior center when they were little and helped make cookies or something on Valentine’s Day. I kind of forget exactly what it was because a friend of mine actually took them. Senior Centers always are up for something a little different and the kids get so much out of it. Also, elderly neighbors need help. Perhaps people from your church could use a ride to get somewhere or you could make a meal for an elderly person. The whole cooking thing could be another theme, baking something for people in a nursing home or cooking a meal. One time we found out a person in our church needed groceries. We went shopping for things that they would like and tried to stress what they would like, not what we would want. There’s so much that could be done. That’s the beauty of homeschooling. You have the time to delve into something deeply. Bailie can read and investigate a subject and then get real life lessons on that subject. It’s great! I hope you have fun with it!

    • Oh ya, she is almost 6 years old and in First Grade. I deffinatly agree that they could each take up more than a week, and depending on how many ideas I can gather, especially since there are 52 weeks in a year we’ll probly do them at least once per season, or even per month, give or take.

      BTW thank you for all your ideas! There is deffinatly a lot we can do even with just the few focuses Ive found already!

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