The Prayer Hand

Today we learned about Nehemiah and that when he wanted to do what was right, he asked God to help him and that when he prayed God listened and helped him. Just the same as he will help you too. We pulled out a piece of paper and I traced Bailie’s hand. Then wrote on each finger of the tracing:

On the Thumb – “T” Today
On the Pointer – “P” Play (also drew a swing set)
On the Middle – “M” Mealtime (also drew a table)
On the Ring – “R” Rest (also drew a bed)
On the Little – “L” Love (also drew a heart)

Your hand will remind you how to pray for God’s help.

  • Since Thumb starts with T this can remind you of Today. Remember to pray today and each day for God’s help in doing what is right.  
  • Since Pointer finger starts with P this can remind you of Play. Always remember to pray for God’s help in doing what is right when you play.
  • Since Middle finger starts with M this can remind you of Mealtime. Always remember to thank God for the food you have, the person who earned the money to buy it, and the person who made it for you.
  • Since Ring finger starts with R this can remind you of Rest. When its time to rest (such as nap time or bedtime) do what is right and dont fuss. When your resting in your bed is the perfect time to talk to God; thanking him for the things He’s given you, the good things that happened that day, and to ask for help with any problems you may have.
  • Since Little finger starts with L this can remind you of Love. Remember that God wants us to love others as He loves us and He wants to help us to so. If your feeling angry with someone or feel like yelling at them, stop and pray, and ask God to help you love that person.

 We did it first on the piece of paper but the goal is to go over it a little each day and that soon enough she will be able to look at her own hands and reference the important moments throughout her day to take the time to stop and talk with God.

Today’s Bible Study and Project came out of “Route 52 Explore” for ages 4-6


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