28 Weeks is Still Too Soon

It been an eventful 24 hrs. I was having some bad contractions Sunday, but after a bath and some sleep they stopped. I figured no big deal Ill mention that at my appointment in 2 days. Monday went by ok with some here and there that were strong but not regular. I had my appointment yesterday afternoon at 3:15. I mentioned what had been going on and then during my apt I had a few strong ones, so they checked my cervix and found that I had started to dilate and efface, but not too far yet.

Then they did an ultrasound on my cervix to get exact measurements so that when I go back they can see if its changed any more. After they checked me though my contractions got stronger and more regular so they gave me meds to take every 6 hrs to stop them. By the time Id walked down from my apt to the pharmacy they were about 4 minutes apart. They stayed that way all the way home. As soon as I got home, at 5:30, I took the first dose, then Aaron and I left to go get Bailie. They continued at that 4 minute rate for most of the time we were gone and since they’d said that if they continued to come back in we were going to if they didnt stop by the time we’d gotten home. Thankfully they stopped around 7:30 and they went back to the sporadic ones here and there.

They had scheduled me another appointment for next Monday to see how things are going, but asked me to come in if after the medicine was in my system I got more than 4 an hr. Through out the night I had to get up to take the second dose at 11:30 and again at 5:30. In that time frame I did wake up a few times with a strong contraction, but they were random and far apart. After I got up at 5:30 to take the med I decided to stay up since Id only be going back to sleep for an hr or an hr and a half maybe and in that time frame I have only had one. One an hr is good, so we’re praying that it stays that way and they dont start again anytime soon.


9 thoughts on “28 Weeks is Still Too Soon

  1. “Thank you for posting this it seems lovely and honest and pure. Life can be rough, but God gives us stregnth to endure all. And you have provoked me to see what I am living proof of.”

    No problem! Thanks for commenting! Good luck with the baby, I hope everything works out.

  2. Glad all is ok! I didnt think those where just braxton hicks contractions..I know mine didnt hurt or come like that with my 2nd, rest rest rest girly..looks like her lil buns are going to try to come early.

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