29 Week Appointment (Follow-up to last week)

Today was my 29 week appointment and follow up to last weeks appointment. My weight went up by half a lb so that was good. My belly is measuring at 29 weeks right on track there. Thankfully when she checked my cervix it hadn’t changed. They had all my tests back from last week and there are no signs of infections or bacteria stuff, that everything there looks normal, so they don’t know exactly why or whats triggering the contractions or last weeks dilation/effacement.

With that said they switched my medicine from every 6 hrs to every 12 hrs with a modified bed rest. No more coaching, no nursery at church, no babysitting, no running, and no extra walking.ย  I can do basic light household chores so long as there is no lifting involved and I can get groceries when needed. Otherwise I’m to basically stay home and fairly inactive. Ill take Bailie to school in the mornings, but no walking while shes in class. I can also take her to cheer and soccer but I have to just sit and watch while shes out there.

She said the pressure in my pelvis may be from her being butt down and the way shes positioned. They aren’t worried about her switching positions until 36 weeks though so shes still good there so long as contractions don’t come back regularly before then. She also said that when she does finally turn around that may trigger more contractions so be aware of it. Overall stay hydrated, rest, and take the medicine, and if contractions come back regularly 15 minutes apart or closer then come in.

Next week I go in on Tuesday to see a nutritionist and then have my growth ultrasound and Wednesday will be another appointment but now they’ve switched me to a complicated OB, so it will be with a doctor.


8 thoughts on “29 Week Appointment (Follow-up to last week)

  1. I’ve not had to be on bed rest just yet but you can totally craft on the sofa and take advantage of the time off! That’s my favorite spot to craft…tv and all my stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my new blog. I appreciate it! I have been looking around your blog and like it. We both have a lot more in common than you think….I was a military spouse until we ETSd a few years back. But shhh…I am remaining anonymous on my blog so I canโ€™t say that. My friends and colleagues would know itโ€™s me! Good luck on your new addition coming soon and keep in touch!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I know it must be hard to be so inactive. I have been measuring small and at one point I had to cut out all exercise (even walking) and it was hard. But, it sounds like you are doing what’s best for your little one ๐Ÿ™‚ and you’re not even complaining as much as I was!!! I hope you don’t have any more contractions and your appointment with your OB goes well.

  4. What’s with the spelling of fallow? All the rest of the spelling is perfect so just wanted to know if I’m missing a trick or it’s a play on words with “fallow – as in a piece of barren land” ??

    • No it was just a misspelling. I’m a terrible speller so I always do the spell check but since it was an actual word (just not the one I needed) it didn’t mark it as misspelled. Thank you for pointing it out though so I could fix it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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