My Dear Sweet Bailie Boo

Miss Bailie has some wonderful moments and this morning was one of them. Not just like regular sweet moments but like spectacular moments. Aaron left for Fort Campbell again in the middle of the night last night and we all said our good-byes last night before bed. Well Miss Bailie remembered as soon as she got up this morning that Daddy was gone again and a thought entered her mind. She took a moment and used a rarity that doesn’t often cross a 5-year-olds mind. At 5 children are very self-centered. Not in a bad way but in a that’s just how it is kind of way. Its not until between 7-9 that they typically start to change the way their minds work. Anyways so she gets up and she thinks of me. She thinks of how sad Mommy must be if Daddy has left again. (keeping in mind he should be back for the weekend this next weekend but anyways) so she gets up and goes to the bathroom, then brushes her teeth, then brushes her hair, she gets dressed, and puts in her head band. (The last 4 she fights me on EVERY MORNING without fail, but not this morning) THEN she goes to the kitchen and pours two bowels of cereal (making sure that she gets the only one that I like for me), adds the milk, and the spoons, and bring them into my room where she then wakes me up to eat breakfast in bed with her. She was so wonderful and sweet about it all I nearly cried. God showed me love through and with my own daughter this morning in an extra surprising way, what a way to start my day 🙂


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