Battle of the Cravings!

I have this constant tug-of-war between my taste buds! Its a fight between fruit and chocolate. Good verses evil; both equally sweet and desirable. One might say well hey why don’t you then just buy the fruit? Sounds simple enough right? WRONG! I go into the grocery store to get some fruit (particularly strawberries and green grapes) and I walk all the way to the produce section and I put only delicious heavenly fruit within my basket. I may or may not wander the store for other miscellaneous items, but consciously I avoid the candy isle. Oh yes OK we’re ready to leave lets hit the checkout stand. Oh wait! Whats this!?! Ahhh yes there is ALWAYS chocolate deliciousness waiting there for me; taunting me as I wait to buy JUST my fruit. Alas … failure … I give in. Someone please PLEASE tell me why we have to walk to the OTHER END of the store to get to the healthy food, but the junk food awaits us so viciously at the check stands?


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