30 Week Nutrition Apt

Today I had my nutrition appointment, since I lost so much weight before I started gaining and I’m still down from my pre-pregnancy weight. I was actually in and out pretty quick. She said I eat very well and since this is what happened with Bailie its just what is “normal” for how my body responds to pregnancy. So if I only make it 6-8lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight its OK. She said feel free to indulge in my fruit, water, and chocolate cravings! She also said that when ever I’m hungry no matter what its for go for it! The goal is to gain 1lb a week from here on out. She did say though that I should add more dairy simply because I don’t like milk and if I’m lacking calcium my body will be sure the baby gets enough but rob it from me. So stock up on yogurts to eat with my fruit. Otherwise no need to have me come back! 🙂


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