30 Week Ultrasound

Today’s ultrasound was also super fast which was ok because I went in (this time with a very full bladder, since last time the ultrasound made a liar outta me saying I didn’t have a full enough bladder)

Anyways I went in and the first thing I mentioned was that the pressure in my pelvis had changed and nearly gone away in the last 2 days so I wanted to know if she’d moved or flipped. . . Turns out she has halfway flipped lol. She is currently sideways. Head is on my left and butt is on my right and her feet are down in my pelvis. Apparently shes gonna stretch out as long as she possibly can! This completely explains why the pressure is gone. She is no long shoving her butt, crunched up legs, and feet all down on my cervix and pushing on my pelvis. I asked if she would at this point continue her rotation and go head down or if she would fall back butt down again. Apparently she can do “whatever she wants” lol so we wont know until she does it which way she wants to go. Either way, for now I’m enjoying her more comfortable position. (question though… and don’t laugh… But am I squishing her head then when I lay on my left side? Should I sleep on my right side?)

Ok now onto her growth. She is doing GREAT! 3lbs 4oz and measuring only 6 days behind (which has been steady for a couple ultrasound now) YAY!!! Oh and I have no picture to post because we were unable to get a good print out lol. Her position was simply NOT conducive to taking pictures. I got one where she looked like a large headed small mouthed alien lol and from face on she kept opening and closing her mouth which looked super cool during the ultrasound (especially watching her stick her tongue out and play with it) but it so didn’t print out well.

Oh and lastly she said that for the first time my placenta and uterus looked “calm and smooth” from the medicine so Im super excited for tomorrows OB appointment and Im crossing my fingers they take me off the bedrest now that shes moved and things have calmed down, however Ive been warned that may not happen so we shall see.


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