30 OB Appointment

Nothing too interesting during today’s appointment. I didn’t get to see who I was supposed to which was just fine with me. They said I was ok to stop the medicine (that I told her I had actually stopped a few days ago when the pressure and contractions stopped) She said that was ok just keep them on hand and if they start again take one and rest and if it doesn’t help then come in. She said the pressure stopped from Baby Girl rotating out of my pelvis and that its likely why the contractions stopped too. Because of that she didn’t check my cervix, but thought it better to leave it be unless they start up again. Also apparently my uterus was measuring the same as it did last week, but she said that when the baby changes positions it can change how you measure. All in all a good appointment. I go back to see an OB next week for follow up (and to reevaluate to see if I can come off the bedrest) and am now to schedule any classes I wanna take. Im gonna sign up Bailie for the sibling class and myself for the breastfeeding class.


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