To School Next Qtr or Not to School Next Qtr!

That there truly IS the question. Now of course those who believe in only homeschooling will tell me no and those who are against homeschooling will tell me yes. And I DO know the benefits and downfalls of both sides. (This is mostly just a posting of my own internal war. Aaron himself wants whats best for Bailie schooling AND whats best for me, so he’s very supportive either way) So here’s the deal.

The next quarter starts Oct 11th after the schools on post have their fall break and ends when winter break begins on December 20th. During this time I will be delivering our Baby Girl. We’ve considered how difficult it will be to homeschool Miss Bailie while caring for a newborn and still healing myself.

Of course I have my own worries about how she’ll do say on the bus, getting to and from school, at lunch, or the fact that her first grade teacher will be moving to another class and the whole class will be getting a NEW teacher right about the time she starts, or the fact that sitting there each day while Bailie is in her one class Ive seen what little robots these children look like at school.

That being said part of me feels like I might just be considering sending her off to school to make life easier for me, however the other part of me feels that it may be unrealistic that she will get the schooling attention she needs during this time so wouldn’t it be better that she is at the school getting something than at home getting little to nothing? But then the war waging within my mind brings me to, “Well what about the subjects she wont get in school? What about the parts that they are behind her in? What about the parts they are ahead of her in?” As for the behind I thought she was behind in reading because her current curriculum we’re working on finishing up her kindergarten reading, however when compared with the first grade curriculum at school yesterday shes right on track if not a lesson or two ahead of them. For the ones shes far ahead in (like math or science) as long as we spend even just a day a week working on something new then what she’s working on at school can be review. Then we can just add things like bible study and reading into our daily routine.

Also after talking with the principle she said I was welcome to come down any day with “a baby strapped to my back like Pocahontas” to discuss any part of her schooling if I want 🙂 Yes she said that and yes she cracked me up! She said that just like now Id be welcome to come at anytime to be a part of and aware of what she’s learning in each subject.

So maybe the answer is not one of the other for the next quarter but a mix of both. She can go to school and maintain/review/build on what we do at home leaving me time to rest and prepare for delivery, have the baby, heal and care for a newborn and then Bailie and I can have specific times to work on what I feel is important for her to keep going on and what she’s not getting at school. So maybe we can start or end our day with our same Bible work we do now. Add self-concepts to dinner time chat. Then take one evening a week to work on new math skills. And at some point each day maybe when she first gets home during her snack I can read to her and then while I’m feeding Baby Girl or cooking dinner Bailie can read to me. (And who knows maybe this schedule wont work at all and we’ll hate it, or maybe it will work for the duration of her 1st grade year.)


2 thoughts on “To School Next Qtr or Not to School Next Qtr!

  1. You know, I went through a similar dilemma. I homeschooled Grace with her pre-k stuff and it was easy because she loves school, loves to learn, and is highly motivated to practice and work hard. I’m telling you, she is a natural born student.
    Then, there was Gwyneth. Sure, she had some delays but she’s very smart but NOT at all interested in practicing or learning anything. Every attempt, no matter how I tried to make it fun and interesting and rewarding, was met with resistance.
    Of course, Giulia was born with her own set of health issues and I was suddenly questioning whether or not I could really “do” homeschooling successfully.
    Went to enroll Grace into K and was told that she missed the cut off due to her b-day. They put her in Pre-K (In LA they let any kid to pre-K) and while it was mainly all “review” to her.. she LOVED it! She had a great teacher, and she was so excited to ride the bus and go to school and then to come home and tell me all about it.
    So, we moved here and I had the “should I homeschool” debate again. Gwyneth was making strides with her motor-sensory stuff, although I was still battling about getting someone to listen to me about her hearing issues. She was still very resistant to any conventional types of learning, even when Grace would “play school” with her. Private Christian school was waay out of our price range. However, the public elementary school in our district is considered one of the best in the county. So.. with trepidation I enrolled Grace into K (which she LOVED and again, she had an awesome teacher!) and attempted to get Gwyneth into Pre-k which we were told she didn’t “qualify”.
    I considered it again this year BUT.. here I am, preggo with #4 and I’ve realized that while my girls are going to school (and coming to terms with the fact that I’m not superhuman) that I am still teaching the girls things at home (like all about umbilical cords and bee poop!) even though I’m not schooling them completely at home.
    So far, I am pleased with their school and their teachers. However, that doesn’t mean that if the situation changed that I wouldn’t bring them home and homeschool them later. But for now, this works for us.
    You just have to look at your individual situation and make the best decision for you and for Bailie. If it doesn’t work out, it’s not like you are committed for life or anything. And if you do enroll her in school, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t a good mother or anything.

    • Thank you! I’m glad that someone is able to relate in my current debate. Im so torn and Its a tough decision to make but your right it has to be one based on our current situation and what works best for us as a whole. There will definitely be lots of prayers over the next month before/if she starts and the following months while shes there if so.

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