What did God use me for today?

Today I crossed paths with many people. Everyday I cross paths with many people, but usually without putting a second thought to it: some make you happy, some make you sad, some make you mad, and some make you think. But as soon as that instant is over, as soon as our paths branch out separate ways, I don’t usually think about them again. Today was different though. Today I thought about each one a little longer. Not for any particular reason, but just because.

I had a moment where I overheard a doctor talking about how quickly he was gonna rush me out because he was running behind and the sooner he got in to me and me out the sooner he’d be done. I had another moment with a rude and inconsiderate lady in the McDonald’s drive up line: she cut me off where the two merges into one and nearly clipped my car doing it. There was also another man who came to me before church and asked for money for food so I gave him my burger and then he ask me to take him to get a soda (for which I told him I didnt have anymore money on me, which I didnt, and that I was late for church, which we were) but I gave him a 3/4 full bottle of smart water only to have him look at me in disgust. There was another moment of unwelcomeness felt by the tone of another at church. And later a moment of pure joy with a comment from another member.

I didn’t realize why all these moments stuck in my mind until the end of the day when it hit me. Each person taught me a lesson, unknowingly. Some made me think twice about what I say weather or not I think someone can hear me, and the tone of which I say it in. Others taught me patience and kindness and grace where not deserved. So who then might have I, unknowingly, been used to teach today?  Is there someone out there that He used me to influence weather good or bad, that I will never again meet? I come across many people throughout the day who see me for only a second. A fraction of a moment. They do not know if 10 minutes before Id just puked my brains out and its made me cranky, or that Im running 20 minutes behind to get somewhere. They only see me for a glimps of my day and that glimps may be a moment where Im responding to something that has happened just a few moments before that they dont see, they only see the person Im portraying right then. Do they see God in me? Or do they see that evil counter part? Am I showing someone how to act? or how NOT to act?


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