Bailie’s First Full-Day of 1st Grade @ School

When I arrived to pick her up I had to drop off a form in the office so I went inside and sat down to wait for her. It was only 10 minutes before the bell rang, but felt like FOREVER! She came out with other classmates and was ecstatic! I asked her how her day went and she said, “Full-Day is AWESOME!!!!!” She spent the next 20 minutes non-stop telling me about how everything went. Overall she loved it!

Apparently though she had a hard time NOT talking today (which to anyone who knows Bailie knows that is no surprise) and she hit a kid in the face with a piece of paper and laughed 😦 The first part was no shocker, but her and I talked about how when the teacher says no talking she needs to listen and not talk, but I have a feeling we’re going to have to remind her a few times over about that one. Eventually though she’ll get it. The second part broke my heart a little, so we talked about that too. Hopefully its not a regular occurrence.

The teacher wrote something about a how she usually wouldn’t have gotten a ‘straight face’ but that she was lenient today being her first day, so I had to write back and ask what that meant, but I assume its a behavior chart thing???

Otherwise Miss Bailie felt she had a “wonderful” day and cant wait to go back tomorrow!

Picture below is of Miss Bailie racked on on Baby Sister after her long and exhausting day!


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