31 Week Appointment

This mornings appointment went really well overall. I lost a pound according to their scale, however last week it said Id gone up 2 pounds so I think it was just off last week, but water weight can affect it too so who knows.

The doctor came in and asked me how things were going and I told him over all quite well. He asked me about the medicine I was taking and I told him I would prefer not to take it at all if possible now because it makes my heart race. So we went down to check my cervix with an ultrasound to see if that would be OK. He noted that although it has opened a little more (It was sorta cone shaped before with it more open at the outer OS than the inner OS and its now evenly open), that I haven’t effaced anymore at all and that is very good AND she is currently head down. So for now I am OK to stop the medicine, but have to stay more aware of my contractions and take the bedrest (when needed) more seriously if I’m not taking the medicine. So basically as soon as they start up drink water and lay down till they stop and if they don’t come in.

At this point I am keeping my faith in God that He knows when she will be born already and I’m praying that its not for a good while, but if the time comes earlier we’ll be OK.


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