Bailie’s Second Full-Day of 1st Grade @ School

Today was Miss Bailie’s second day of school at the school. She again said she had a WONDERFUL day! She was so happy and cant wait to ride the bus next week :-).

In comments from her teacher today she was much better about the talking, however she chose not to even try a spelling test (which we haven’t done any spelling work before) and during part of seat work time she just sat there while others were working on theirs.

The teacher was great in sending us with all the previous weeks spelling lists to work on and get her caught up on those and this weekend we’re going to practice taking spelling tests like they do in class so that next Friday she’ll be better prepared on how they work. I know that this will be a big adjustment for her going from one-on-one to a group setting and I am so thankful that she has a teacher who is both willing to be patient with her AND keep me posted on how shes doing so I can talk to Bailie about it and we can help her get into the groove.


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