Bailie’s First Week

OK sorry I’m delayed on this post. Bailie’s first week at the school were a bit shakey as she adjusted from one-on-one teaching to a group teaching setting, and from a short school day of only a couple hrs to 7.5 hrs from the time she left for school to when she came home.

On day one she had a problem with talking all day long, which is no surprise for anyone who knows her, she is a super talker! However we had to discuss at the end of the day that there was a time and a place for talking and where that might be at recess, breakfast, lunch, or during free time, it was definitely NOT while the teacher is teaching.

On day two she had a problem with not doing her work. She insisted that she didn’t know how to do the work (when really she just didn’t want to and was afraid she’d go too slow and not get it done with everyone else) and would sit there and not even look at the paper. Thankfully after talking to her about how any work not done at school would have to be done at home during her play time with her friends, suddenly she started doing her work at school when she was supposed to.

On day three she decided she liked the boys! Oh goodness … yes… she chased around 4 boys trying to kiss them and successfully nailed one on the back of his neck. Her teacher had to explain that its not appropriate behavior for school (she said she had to fight back a smile that it was definitely going in her memory book of moments) when Bailie told her (and then later me too) that she loved one of them because he had big muscles and was going to marry him! So that night we had to discuss how we don’t touch, hit, or kiss our friends at school and that even if we think we’re going to marry someone we don’t kiss until we’re married, anyone who’s not in our family (lol we’ll see how long we can keep that one up!)

On day four I thought OH NO WHAT WILL TODAY BRING!?! Thankfully she came home with no new notes, and no work to do other than her regular homework.

Day five, six, and seven where the same; no getting in trouble and doing her work when she was supposed to 🙂
We’ve also managed to get into our own groove of things! The first 2 days I dropped her off and picked her up from school, but then on the third day she rode the bus home and has been riding the bus since. So I wake up at 6 to prepare for her to wake up at 6:30 (I take a while to wake up where as she comes bounding outta bed like a stalled horse hits the pasture!) Then she’ll go in and brush her teeth and get dressed (with the clothes laid out the night before), pour herself some cereal (while I make her lunch). While she’s eating her breakfast I read her Bible Lesson to her then when she’s done eating we discuss it. After that I do her hair while she reads to me. Then she practices her spelling words. 7:50 comes and we head out to the bus. Her bus comes again between 3:20 and 3:30 then we go home and she gets a snack while I check her agenda for any notes from the teacher and to see what school work/home work she has to do for the day. When she’s done with her snack she gets some free time to play or watch tv or do whatever she’d like for a while. Now each night of the week is different as to what activities she has going on. If she has nothing that evening then she can play till 6:30 then has to come in and do her home work for the evening, then dinner, then shower, lay out tomorrows clothes, chores, and then more free time (if she gets done early) until 9:30 bed. Some nights though we have soccer, girl scouts, cheer and/or awana, so each night varies.

So far she and I have both adjusted very well and I even manage to make it through the day without checking my phone 500 times to think about what class/topic shes in/working on right then 🙂


One thought on “Bailie’s First Week

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