33 Week Appointment

Today I had my doctors appointment. I’m 33 weeks 4 days so nearly 34! Come Sunday will make the difference of delivering in Louisville or Fort Knox, and I’m quite confident that she will well surpass that point 🙂 Oh and I got my parking pass! Which Ill probably only use AT the hospital because I hate hiking that hill, but I don’t really go anywhere else on post where I even could use it.

Today they weighed me in and I have gained my lb this week like I was supposed to (however I was still told that I need to “force” myself to eat more despite what nutrition told me, however I don’t intend to force feed myself more than what my body tells me I need simply because I lost a ton in the beginning. I’m gaining now exactly like I’m supposed to.) Then they did the typical checked my blood pressure and pulse and everything was fine.

Then they took me to the room, where my doctor had someone shadowing him today. I think it was Colonel James replacement, but I’m not 100% I just know it was someone in training. Anyways so they went to measure my stomach and found my uterus is measuring a bit behind at 31 weeks. He said a few things can cause this like amniotic fluids, position of baby, if the baby has shifted into the pelvis at all, weight of mom, etc. So unless my ultrasound, this coming Tuesday, shows that the baby itself is falling behind that its OK for my uterus to measure smaller because each patient is different and it could mean nothing at all. He said I could probably even come back later in the day and get measured and have it measure differently than it did right then because there are so many factors.

Then they went to listen to Baby Girls heart rate and I could already feel that she was awake right then so when I laid back I knew they could see it too. I was sitting there with my belly showing trying not to laugh or look at the person in training who was forsure looking at my stomach because he was watching how my doctor did his doppler thing. Then of course he’d start to get the heart rate and she’d shift her back just enough for him to lose it. Then he’d get it again and she’d kick or punch and disturb his count, and I’m just trying my best not to start laughing I found it quite amusing. Every appointment so far her heart rate has been 150ish but today (I think because she was awake and wiggling around) it was in the 160’s. She was a movin and a groovin!


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