6 Months now with out my Dad

(The Picture, though I’m sure it seems random, has great meaning. It was an important day in my life where God moved me from the wonderful man who I spent the first half of my life to the man I am to spend the rest of my life with.)

Its been exactly 6 months (well sorta yesterday sorta today since it was March 31st and September had no 31st) and tonight I’m really missing my dad. Not in a break down and loose it kinda way, but in a fond kinda way.

I remember talking to him about trying to time his liver transplant so that his surgery wasn’t right when I was due (I was supposed to move there and help while he healed) and then he’d be able to be there to see his newest granbaby and not laid up in a bed. That was not God’s plan, but instead He had a better one. Its hard some days because I selfishly miss him so, but at the same time I am so happy he can be with the one who created us, gave us life, and loved us so.

And God has been so good to help me mend and heal my broken heart. He’s even given me some support and friends who remind me of my Dad on a daily basis. In fact one in particular I swear I’m often saying “oh man my Dad too” about everything! For instance my friend sent me a picture of some Carmel apple suckers she saw at the Commissary not knowing they were my Dad’s favorite! Little moments like this God gives me to remind me that He is watching and He does care and love me.



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