Baby Girl

The last couple days have been rough. I went in at 1 yesterday for my ultrasound. Which went wonderfully. She’s 5 lbs now and actually had some chub to her cheeks. I could see that she has my space between her big and index toes lol. She already has hair, and I got to see her smile a few times. And they’ve perminately readjusted my due date from the 14th to the 21st (which they’d already been going back and forth on for a while now) but this moved me from 34 weeks to 33 weeks. Then because I had some watery fluids leaking I went up to LD to have them test it to make sure it wasnt amniotic fluid. Thankfully it wasnt it was just my body trying to regenerate my mucous plug and other stuff but since ive started to dilate it wont hold it. They discovered that I was 1.5 dilated internally and 2.5 external and nearly 50% effaced, and they could feel her head through my cervix so they decided to give me a steroid shot to develop her lungs in case she comes early. I was having some contractions too since the night before, but nothing huge. but they discovered while I was there that my blood pressure was fluctuating a ton and my heart rate was through the roof so they couldnt give me the shot to stop my contractions because it would make my heart race even more so they sent me home on full bedrest only to get up to use the bathroom until I came back today at 2 for the second steroid shot and to be rechecked. Then last night I slept wonderfully and didnt wake up to any contractions at all. But then as soon as I woke up they started. They were getting closer together and much worse so around 10:30 I started tracking them and had had 15 by 11:30 varrying between 2 and 6 minutes apart so I went into the hospital early. (Supposed to go at 2 but went in at noon) They checked my cervix right away and discovered it had changed since yesterday. I was closer to 2cm internally and closer to 3cm externally and 50% effaced. Baby had dropped much lower but they were able to move her up a little through my cervix so shes wasn’t yet “locked in”. Contractions on their monitor were much stronger and closer together than yesterday (which of course I knew because some had me in tears … yup Im a wimp lol). They said my heart rate was still too high to give me the shot to stop the contractions but they did give me a sugar fluid IV since I hadn’t eaten yet and were prepared to send me up to Louisville hospital if they couldnt get them to stop since they have the NICU there but finally around 2:30 everything slowed down. Then they gave me the second steroid shot for her lungs right on time. My contractions started again around 3 so they came in at 4:30 to recheck my cervix and it hadn’t changed since i got there at noon so they sent me home to be more comfortable in my own bed around 5. Im on strict lay down bedrest and only allowed to get up to go to teh bathroom. Thankfully Aaron comes home in the morning and until then Bailie and I have lots of movies to watch. Things have calmed down again since I got home and I was even able to nap a little so hoping it stays that way.


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