Lesson one: Life is Good

Got a book today for Christmas called ‘God Never Blinks’. It has “50 life lessons for life’s little detours.” With in it I read lesson 1: Life Isn’t Fair, but It’s Still Good.

The story was about a cancer patient who saw another wearing a hat that said “Life Is Good” and how moving that was so he got her one to wear while she underwent chemo. When she no longer needed it she passed it along to another friend and then another then back etc. This one hat gave them all hope and strength.

That alone made it an important and great life lesson, but it got better. She told how the original man wearing the hat had a go to phrase: “get to”. Never did he say he “had to” do anything but that he got to do things. Like he got to go to the store, and he got to take kids to soccer.

It made me think, how often than not do we take life for granted? How often do we complain that we have to participate in life. My goal, and challenge for others, is to replace all my “have tos” with “get tos!”


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