My First “run your small family like a large one” Finding

So many large families run their homes so well, so I was asking around and went on the hunt for blogs from large families. What is it they do that makes things go so smoothly? What can I learn? And what can I incorporate with my small family?

The best tip I found so far was about bath time. Oh gosh when I just had one child I dreaded bath time. There was never a plan. But then I read on another blog about a large family and how they ran bath time.

Step 1: Pick certain days of the week and deem them bath days. For us this will be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays same as the blog I read it on. Makes sense for us because Mondays the first day of the “week” and everyone is still clean, Wednesday is late night church and when we get home its bedtime, Friday night is well Friday night. Now we could go with Sat or Sun, but I figured Sat is wiser with church the next day and they dont get that dirty between church and Monday. (Unless Bailie comes in a muddy insane mess, which is always a possibility, or if McKenna has some sort of diaper blow out or throw up mess, which is also always a possibility)

Step 2: Use the same water for multiple children. So put one in and as soon as that one comes out use the same water to put the next in. (Kenna is still too small for this. She cant really go in after because we want to ensure she gets her special baby wash the drs gave us for her currently dry skin, and we don’t wanna put her in first, because well … lets face it, babies often pee or poop in the water. Poop I can see, pee … not so much!)

Step 3: Use bath soap/paints or bubble baths/oils instead of soap. Kids can get in a play then rinse off without actually “washing”. (We avoid bubble baths for certain reasons, but the soap paints are awesome!)

I may not follow their tips to a “T” but alot she said was really helpful in my step towards running my small family like a large one! Especially the scheduling part!


3 thoughts on “My First “run your small family like a large one” Finding

  1. A good read: Large Family Logistics by Kim Brennamen. As for the hair: I have my kiddos kneel up in front of me on the sofa and I call them in order while I already have all of the hair supplies around me. This way the tender-headed ones can be distracted by TV or toys while I am doing their hair.

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