MY sparkling home Cleaning Schedule

Outside of my cleaning (zones) I have a specific way and order to clean my house so that I can keep track of what Ive done and I never at a loss of what to do next. (Yes I am that person that without a plan will walk into a room, no matter how clean or messy, and become overwhelmed then turn around and walk out.)

Every morning I start with my “Starters”

  • Start the coffee pot and turn on news (taking the time, preferably with my husband, to drink my coffee and watch the news really sets the tone for my day and is a vital part of my “sparkling home” happy people are just as important as a clean house)
  • Make the beds and pull the blinds (once the people are awake I wanna “wake” the house. Yup sounds crazy Im sure, but thats ok it works for me)
  • Last I put all the shoes and coats away from the day before. (I dunno why but random evening shoes get taken off in strange places and coats get just a tired toss over the couch and local chairs)

Then I move onto my “Collections”

  • Laundry – (grab a laundry basket and simply go from room to room gathering any and all dirty clothes and towels and take to the laundry room to be sorted for the day)
  • Dishes – (wander from room to room and gather all dishes and take to the kitchen)
  • Trash – (grab a movable garbage can and move from room to room collecting the little bits of trash that accumulate throughout the day)
  • Clutter – (lastly I grab another laundry basket and move from room to room, removing any item that doesn’t belong in that room and put it in the laundry basket. When I get to the room it belongs in I put it away.)

When Im done with my collections I start my room specific cleaning

  • In the laundry room, I sort any loads to be washed and start the first load.
  • In the kitchen, I unload and reload the dishes and wipe the counters.
  • In my living room, I straighten up my couches.

Then all Im left with is that day’s specific “zone” of quick deep cleaning. My goal is each day to be done with my cleaning before my baby wakes for the day at 11. Im not always successful, but with a set goal and plan it makes it alot easier to be. 🙂


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