The Nevers

The last bit of great “advise” I read today was on house rules and child rearing. (rearing such a funny word lol sorry chasing butterflies) Anyways the nevers ok so they’re simple:

Never raise a hand to hit
Never raise a foot to kick
Never raise a thing to throw
Never raise a voice to yell
Never raise an eye to scoul

(Said in a sing-songy voice of course! Except I know line 3 doesnt ryme so well so it gets its own little pause then move on. again the butterflies I know)

The second part I gathered from the Nevers was to never say your sorry. Now this is not to say we arnt to be sorry but to teach your children that instead of saying your sorry ask for forgiveness. To honestly seek forgiveness in their hearts.

“Im sorry I raised my hand to hit, will you forgive me?” or of course, “Im sorry I DID hit you, will your forgive me?”

Ok so there were sorries in there but theres more than that. More than saying your sorry (because we really are sorry not just to say it) but to ask then for forgiveness also. To be sorry and to ask for forgiveness are subtle but not so subtle differences.

Now to ask for forgiveness and to recieve forgiveness are fo course two different things, but thats a lesson for later on, the point here is to abide by the Nevers and to honestly seek forgiveness for our wrong doings.


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