Adult CBM

Ok so first off the new name! Really its an inside joke between my husband and I. I have coached childrens soccer for 4 seasons now and at the younger ages you often find two things; a mob of children chasing the ball and one or two children out picking flower, chasing butterflies, or doing what we call “whirlybirds” where you stick your arms out like your gonna show someone you love them this much I–O–I then turn your head up to the sky and spin till you fall! lol. Any guesses on where Bailie was? Hint? Usually NOT in the pack chasing the ball 🙂 Its also a doubles in meaning, in that our kiddos are our butterflies we’re always chasing and in life sometimes we just feel like we’re doin whirlybirds!

Anyways so now to the point of the post. We’ve established what chasing butterflies and doing whirlybirds means and how it usually pertains to children, but I just realized that I do it too! My poor girls, they dont just have youth on their sides but they have my blood too! And here it is my adult CBM (Chasing Butterflies Moment):

I started to update my iPad on the computer so that I didnt have to wait at the store to do it, then while its going I hear the baby wake, so I go to feed her and prepare a bottle to be saved for later, then I get up and put her in her jumper and think to myself I should change her diaper before we leave, so I go into the bedroom and see that there is laundry on the floor so I grab the laundry basket and realize that there is laundry on the floor because the clean clothes that still need to be put away are in my laundry basket, so I dump them on the bed to start to put them away and on my way to the dresser I remember the clothes on the floor so I start to pick them up and put them in the basket and then remember that I should make sure the washer is empty so I go through the kitchen towards the laundry room and get side tracked with dirty dishes, when I remember I need to pull out chicken to thaw for dinner, where I spot a delicious brownie that I MUST stop and eat, then I grab some water remembering that I havent drank enough today and my milk supply will fall if I dehydrate which reminds me that I must go take my supplement for that too, then I go to get my supplement and see that I forgot to refrigerate the milk I pumped so I grab that and think OMG I am chasing butterflies today I guess I do it too! I must blog! So here i sit, blogging away and I realize that the sink is still filling with water, the dishes arnt done, the clean clothes arnt put away, the dirty ones arnt all in the basket muchless in the wash and now its time to go…. Tell me you havent had moments like this :-))


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