Fun Day at the Children’s Museum

Yesterday I took the girls to the Children’s Museum in Tacoma and it was great! Started out kinda round but all in all was a blast! We got there at 9 but they didnt open till 10, thankfully they had a coffee shop in there so I got Bailie a coco and yougurt and myself a latte (an awful one though) and then as we sat down to enjoy our treats a lady came in and asked if we were members or if I worked for United Way. I told her no, and she informed me that we werent allowed to park in the parking lot that we would have to find street parking or get towed. I was bummed because I had to pull Kenna out of the Moby and put her back into her seat in the car (not to mention it was chilly out) and I could have gone and gotten a good coffee lol, but none the less I was happy she told me and I didnt get towed. Then the lady at the coffee shoppe told me that I could go to the Tacoma dome and park in the parking garage and ride “The Link” back for free. Free? Alright! Now The Link is a tram sorta thing that runs through Tacoma. Bailie thought that part was really cool!

So after we get back to the museum we go in and checked in, then had to sit in a little green room for an orientation where they told the kids they had 4 rules. Walking Feet (Most kids managed to follow some of the time lol), no yelling (again with excitement of children this too was rarely followed), put away each thing you play with (kids were good at this part), and lastly dont let your parents run off (I think that was every kids favorite one, because THEY were in charge of their parents lol). Then we were released to play!

First off there was a woods area with a giant tree fort and all kinds of cool textures on the walls, dress up stuff, and these neat hanging lights in a tunnel that you used to write on the walls! Then there was a water area where we got to turn on and off water in a ton of different spot to make the water fall, and then there were too “rivers” with all sorts of toys we could race! Bailie and I raced: large ducks, small ducks, foam ducks, plastic spiders, big balls from a ball pit, small bouncy balls, small tug boats and biggere tub boats, and the list goes on. Then we moved onto this big ship where the kids could put on rain slickers and rain boots and life vests and pretend they were in the middle of the ocean! Down below deck they had mock living quarters and above deck they had these seated bike stations wehre you could peddle and make the wings flap and another spot where you could steer the ship and a spot out in front of that where you could cross a netted bridge to this cage look out spot. Oh and there were mail drop bags that they could reel up and down from upper deck to below deck and that was really cool. Next there was a spaceship with a slide, but it was geared more towards toddlers so Bailie didnt spend much time up there. After that was a pipes section where we could build these tracks on the floor to put the pipes to run balls down, and another spot where we could use this magnetic wall with magnetic pvc pipes to make a track on teh wall and lastly there was an air tube track wher e youput a ball or scarf in and it ran through the tubs and shot out (This was my favorite part) you could turn a knob here and there and swith the airflow directions so sometimes it shot out of the tubes above you, in your face or down by your knees! Over in that area they had a color, connecting shapes table which cant really be explained so you’ll just have to watch the slide show below 🙂 After that we went into the arts room where we made post cards, painted on the wall, drew on another wall, made popsicle stick deer, and stamped paper, all of which was a blast! And the last room was the sensory room where they had a tub of dirt and beautybark (that I believe someone said was coco shells? and smelled like chocolate) where the kids could dig around and feel and play with. They also had in there log cuts where you could count how old different trees were, and insects and leaves you could look under microscopes at!

Now of course after we finished each section we went back and did them all again two or three more times. Oh ya and there were phones everywhere in the building! All kinds of old fasioned phones that the kids could pick up and listen to a recording but if someone picked up another phone anywhere in there then they could talk to eachother. In the end my phone died before I could get pictures of everything and we stayed there till 2pm! Really we could have stayed another 4 hrs but I was starving lol. Overall I highly recomend the Tacoma CHildren’s Museum it really was a great time!

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