Fun at the Rock Gym

Saterday was a great day! Bailie and McKenna went to their granmas house so that I could go to the rock gym with my brother and sister in law. I hadnt been climbing since before Id gotten pregnant with McKenna so after a year I wasnt sure how itd go, but it was a lot of fun and I didt end up too sore. We got there and paid, got our gear on, and prepared for the belaying class. Down side here was that there was only one guy working and he kept starting and then someone would walk through the door and he’d have to go back to the counter so a 15 minute class took us 45 minutes to an hr and the guy was a horrible teacher, but none the less we each got to tie in and climb the wall and switch out to belay and were finally able to move on.

The place was kinda busy so we decided to go to the back walls where noone was only to realize after a while that we’d started on the hardest walls. lol So we moved over a couple walls to see if it was easier and although it slightly was it really was still quite difficult. Over a couple more again and the same thing. We ended on the easiest wall (that we climbed) and were each able to make it further up that wall then any of the others, but by then we were just exausted with muscles shaking lol, but it sure was a blast!

Pictures to come


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