Pancake Fun

So Oatmetal is no longer the “It” thing for Bailie to have for breakfast. Now its pancakes (thank you granma!) but thats ok because apparently they have pancake batter that only requires you to add water and it super fast and easy. So today while making said pancakes I decided to surprise Miss Bailie and have some fun with it! First I did two planes and a giant star. Now that was cool (and of course I didnt think to take a picture) but then for her second round of pancakes she asked if  could do letters … letters? …. HECK YA! So she grabbed a chair to watch as I started spooning out letters!

The first of course being a B for her name. And to her surprise (and mine lol) it really came out looking like a B! Then the A. I. L. I. and E!

Then of course we had to flip …. success! …. sorta

Then we moved on to the MOM ones 🙂 Yes I ran out of batter and thats why my last M doesnt look so hot lol.

All in all it was a fun pancake expierence!


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