Homemade Baby Oat Cereal

What you need:

  1. Steel Cut Oats (or orignal but NOT instant)
  2. Bender (or food processor)
  3. Storage Containers (one for dry and wet)
  4. 1/4 Measurng Cup
  5. 4oz Breastmilk (or formula)
  6. Sauce Pan
  7. Wisk
  8. Bowl
  9. Baby Spoon
  10. Bib
  11. and of course … the Baby!



1.Take 2 Cups Oats and blend to fine powder (or as many cups as you want to store) 
2. Pour powder into storage contaner for later.
3. Pour 4oz of Breastmilk (or formula) into sauce pan.
4. Add 1/4 Cup oat powder to sauce pan.
5. Wisk on medium heat for 10 minutes (Keep wisking to keep from clumbing)
6. Remove from heat and let cool (it will be thicker than when you started)


After your freshly homemade baby oat cereal is made you can pour it into a small bowl and break out the baby spoon!

This recipie I found online and is intended for babies between 4-6 months of age, or later. Your baby should be able to hold ther head well, sit with support, no longer have the urge to push things out of their mouth with their tounge, be interested in eating, and be able to make eye contact and smile. I found many different suggest when you do start new foods. We intend on feeding the same thing once every 4 days and will add a new food each month until we hit 8 months, takng our time and spacing things out. Afterall she is getting all the nutrition she needs already, so for now its just learning to eat. 🙂







A hand MUST accompany each spoonful!


Oh ya Im happy!


Before and After

<—— & ——>

(From a fun day of baby food, music, and dancing!)




9 thoughts on “Homemade Baby Oat Cereal

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  3. The hand in the mouth WHILE eating is such a familar shot! Congrats on making homemade baby food! We’re spacing out the new foods every 4 days too. It works great. What’s the next food on the list?

    • Not 100% yet. Maybe peas, avacados, or sweet potatos. It kinda depends on whats available when I go shopping at the time. More than likely it will be avacados because I love them so nearly always have them and sweet potatos are more difficult to find.

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