The Fun of Candy Land

When we arrived in Washington the first thing my mom did was told Bailie about this amazing thing that happened to her and my nephew and the dog 🙂 She started off by saying that they went on a walk when it snowed and as they walked down the road the strangest thing happened. There was a door in the middle of the woods. So they thought, “Hey whered that come from” so over to it they went and when they walked through the door everything turned to Candy! Even the dog turned to candy! Kindy became a giant tweenkie (sp?). The flowers, trees, birds, all turned to edible greatness! The snow was marshmallows and the river chocolate. The details they explained (and of course I cant think of them all lol) just had bailie amazed! Well then I think my mom thought she’d forget about it but instead everyday for weeks Bailie would ask if they could go see if candy land was still there. But sadly day after day the door didnt show up. Then my mom told her she’d talked to the neighbor guy and he said it only happens when it snows once ever few years 🙂 So instead of getting to really go to candy land she thought it would be a great idea to suprise Bailie with all the candy needed to play Barbie Candy Land! There were many videos but I cant get those uploaded right now so for now a fun slide show of the great fun we had!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The patio is reeses, mms and pretzel mms, The road was gummi worms and mms, The bushes were reeses, The animals were gummi bears, The fish pond was made of gold fish, Suckers made the flowers and Oreos the dirt! It was a blast!


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