Rolling, Rolling, Rolling … Keep That Baby Rolling (to the Walmart tune)

I have been trying to not encourage Kenna too much, before shes ready, to roll over. So its been fun watching her do it by accident a few times.Twice now both directions, both intentional but somewhat accidental :-))

Back to Front

The first time we were at my sister in law, Marissa’s, house. We were sitting on her couch and McKenna was next to me laying on her back when she started to roll over to her side and got stuck (with us going, “do it do it do it do it”) and then she fell back onto her back, but she tried again over to her side and finally flopped over to her stomach. She was on a bit of an incline so that helped of course, but it was so wonderful to see her do it for the first time and be with family when she did!

Then a few nights later I had decided to put her to sleep on her back. Well I usually put her to sleep on her side and I guess she didnt like laying on her back so she rolled over to her side, and with out her usually side-laying props, she managed to fall onto her stomach. I woke up to a baby sleeping face down and it gave me a heart attack (not literally of course but Im sure you can imagine my panic) but she was fine.

Front to Back

So then a couple days ago I went to go to the bathroom and had to put her down and had no where to set her right then so I laid her on her on her stomach and like usual she was lookin around, and then all of a sudden she very quickly rolled over to her back and cooed at the ceiling. She did it like she’d been doing it for years and I couldnt even jump up and hurray about it because as you recall I was currently using the bathroom…. what are the odds. So then as soon as I can I grab her up and rush to the living room to find any living soul possible to show how wonderfully she can roll over and when I lay her back on her stomach she wobbles from side to side then cried her eyes out. So I picked her up and didnt try again.

Yesterday I was at my friend Cindi’s house and I was telling her about the ^ previous story and I laid her down on her living room floor on her stomach and there she was head up and looking around and quick as before she rolled over to her back! I was so excited that someone was there this time to see it! Especially since when we tried it again she just wobbled around, laid her head down, and cried.


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